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Using apt terminal command in Ubuntu

Yes, you read that right, it is apt instead of apt-get. I was used with apt-get command to install, update and remove repositories packages.
apt command compared to apt-get has a few advantages:  coloring and progress bar when you install or update a package.
One downside of using apt command is the partial support of tab completion, which apt-get has mastered it. And I know that tab completion is very usefull.
In terms of functionality, it's almost the same as apt-get command. Even the commands are very similar.

1. Update repositories with apt:

sudo apt update

2. List upgradable packages:

sudo apt list --upgradable

3. Install/update a package:

sudo apt install wget

4. Remove a package:

sudo apt remove vim

For more informations read the apt command manual:

man apt


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