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Email alerts when someone connects to your network

If someone connects to your network, and you want to be notified by email, you can use a little application called arpwatch.

sudo apt-get install arpwatch

edit it's config:

sudo nano /etc/default/arpwatch

use the following line:

ARGS="-N -p -i eth0 -m email_adress@email_server.tld"

- eth0 is your internal network interface
- email_adress@email_server.tld is the email adress where you want to be notified. you have to be able to send emails from your server. you can send emails without email server.

you can restart, start and stop the application by using:

sudo nano /etc/init.d/arpwatch restart

for more info read the manual:

man arpwatch

reference: emil.cheriches.ro


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