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Useful Commands For VerliHub


!set hub_name NAME - Setting up the Name of the Hub
!modtrigger +motd -d "text_of_motd" -c 0 -C 10 -f 20 - Setting up the Motd
!set opchat_name NICK - Setting up the Opchat name
!set hub_security NICK - Setting up the Security hub Name
!set disable_me_cmd 1 - Disable +me ( 0 to enable)
!set disable_regme_cmd 1 - Disable +regme ( 0 to enable)
!set send_user_info 0 - Disable User Info ( 1 to enable )
!set send_user_ip 1 - To show Users IP in MainChat ( 0 to disable )
!set min_share 1024 - Setiing up Min Share on the Hub ( 0 to remove share )
!modconntype default -s 1 -S 100 - Setting Up Min/Max slots required on the Hub.
!set max_chat_msg 0 - Blocking MC , Users cannot send messages on MC anymore
!set max_chat_msg 200 - Open MC ( 200 - means how many characters a user can write)

!addroom -=REG-Chat=- -CCEU -ac1 -AC10 -c1 -tChat-Room-For-REGs - Adding Reg Chat.
!addroom -=VIP-Chat=- -CCEU -ac2 -AC10 -c2 -tChat-Room-For-VIPs - Adding Vip Chat

County Code:

If you leave in Germany and you accept users only from germany:
!set cc_zone1 :RO:
!set max_users1 1750 <== There type you max_users from the hub where "1750" is.
!set max_users0 0

If you don't wanna accept users from one county, For example Italy :
cc_zone1 :IT:
!set max_users1 0

!pluglist all - Shows you all Plugins
!lstplug - Shows you which Plugins are Registered

!lstrigger - Shows you a List of Trigger.
!addtrigger +vot -d "your_text" -c 3 -C 10 -f 80 - To set up +vot Trigger ( Op Command )
!addtrigger +rules -d "text" -c 0 -C 10 -f 20 - This appears only to the user which are typing this command on MC
!addtrigger +rules -d "text" -c 0 -C 10 -f 50 - This appears only to the user which are typing this command on PM
!addtrigger +login -d "text" -c 0 -C 10 -f 22 - This appears When users Log In into the Hub ( In PM ).

!lstforbid - Shows You a List of Forbiden Words
!addforbid http:// -f 7 -C 1 -r "Don't Spam in here _BAN_1h" - adding a forbiden word

!regnew Nick Class - Adding Acounts
!regclass Nick Class - Changing a LVL for an Acount
!regdelete nick - Deleting an Acount
!regpasswd Nick - Seetting uo password for one Acount
!lsreg all - shows you all Acounts ( Ezechille Bot is Required for this command )
+passwd your_pw - Setting up password

!drop Nick - To drop a nick ( not kicking , just Disconnect the User)
!kick Nick "reason" - Kicking one User for some reason
!Bannick Nick "reason" - To Ban a nick
!Banip Nick "reason" - To ban an IP
!flood Nick - Flooding A User

!lsban 100 - shows you Last 100 Bans.
!getip Nick - Shows you The IP from Selected User
!getinfo Nick - Shows you some info about a Nick
!whoip IP - Shows you which User are using Specified IP

!regset Nick hide_keys 1 - hidding an Nick form other users ( 0 to show him back )
!regset Nick hide_share 1 - Hide Share to an Nick ( 0 - to make it back visible )

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