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Remove annoying verlihub startup messages

When you first install Verlihub server, you will be welcomed as an operator (administrator) with 4 messages like this:

Private message from Reminder:  
Congratulations you successfully installed Verlihub0.9.8e-r2

Please visit the Web sites for imformation about the Verlihub project. It can be found here http://www.verlihub-project.org

Verlihub Admin Zone DC Hub: dchub://hub.verlihub-project.org:7777

Verlihub discussion forum: http://forums.verlihub-project.org

Private message from Donation:  
If you are interested in making a donation to the author or developers of the verlihub
project please visit our website for more information. http://www.verlihub-project.org/donations.php

To diable this message, type the command !modtrigger +vh_donation -c11 in mainchat.

Private message from Updates:  
Many things have been fixed since 0.9.8d-RC2 and this is considered to be our most functional
and stable release to date. While the functionality of the software is richer then ever,
its resource usage is at an all time low. It is now an extremely scaleable server.
All known exploits have now been permanently closed to help protect both you AND other
hubs in the DC community.

Get Rid of this message by typing the command !modtrigger +updates -c11 in mainchat.

Private message from News:  
This will be the final release candidate of the Verlihub 0.9.8 tree. Work has now begun
on the next major version of verlihub with planned support for new protocol extensions as
well as some significant new features.
Thanks to everyone who contributes their free time and effort for all aspects of the verlihub project.

Get Rid of this message by typing the command !modtrigger +news -c11 in mainchat.

This messages are triggers and they can be shut down.

!modtrigger +admin_reminder -c11

!modtrigger +vh_donation -c11

!modtrigger +updates -c11

!modtrigger +news -c11

All the commands above are modified to trigger for users with class 11 or higher, which means that they are disabled.


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