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Adding torrent to transmissioncli on Ubuntu server using transmission-remote

transmission-remote is the application for remote control a torrent server using transmissioncli. You can add, edit, delete, start, stop torrents and edit their options.

1. To list all torrents on the current server:

sudo transmission-remote -l

2. To list all torrents on a remote server:

sudo transmission-remote homeserver:1234 -l

3. To list all torrents on a remote server with authentification:

sudo transmission-remote homeserver:1234 --auth=username:password -l

where homeserver is the domain and 1234 is the port of transmissioncli. the username and the password are self explanatory.

will display the following details (as columns): ID, Done, Have, ETA, Up, Down, Ratio, Status and Name.

4. Get a list of files for a torrent:

sudo transmission-remote -t1 -f

where -t1 is the ID of torrent, in this case 1

5. To stop a torrent:

sudo transmission-remote -t1 --stop

6. To start a torrent:

sudo transmission-remote -t1 --start

7. To start only the first 2 files:

sudo transmission-remote -t1 -Gall -g1,2

8. To add a torrent:

sudo transmission-remote -a file.torrent

where file.torrent it's our torrent file. can be local or remote.

9. To remove a torrent:

sudo transmission-remote -t1 -r

will remove the torrent with the ID equal to 1. will not remove the actual files, only the torrent from the list. to remove downloaded data, use the --remove-and-delete option instead of -r.

10. To list the connected peers to a torrent:

sudo transmission-remote -t1 -pi

to see it live (every second):

while true;do clear;sudo transmission-remote -t12 -pi;sleep 1;done

11. To see the upload and download speed of a torrent:

sudo transmission-remote -t12 -i | grep Speed

to see it live (every second):

while true;do clear;sudo transmission-remote -t12 -i | grep Speed;sleep 1;done

More option of transmission-remote by running:

man transmission-remote

or by this page

Resources: manpages.ubuntu.com


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