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How to create new torrents with transmissioncli on Ubuntu server

If you want to create some torrents for seeding, you will find transmissioncli a very good pogram. It has a WEBui interface and can be controlled over internet to add new torrents, pause torrents, delete torrents. Each torrent has detailed information about it. you will need to install transmissioncli from repositories first.

to create a torrent from a file:

transmissioncli -n myfile -c "Some comment" -a http://tracker.url/announce myfile.torrent

where -n myfile argument is the path to the file;
-a http://tracker.url/announce is the tracker you will need to use in order to properly transfer files;
myfile.torrent is the file the program will create. you can specify a path or it will put it in current directory;

to create a torrent from a directory:
transmissioncli -n mydir/ -c "Some comment" -a http://tracker.url/announce mydir.torrent

the arguments are the same as the command for files above.

After you have the .torrent file made by transmissioncli, you will need to add it for seeding.

sudo transmission-remote -a mydir.torrent -t daemon -f /home/your_username/download

where mydir.torrent is the torrent file for the torrent we just made; /home/your_username/download is the folder where it will download/seed, the files must be in the same folder in order to seed the files.

Resources: ubuntu manpages, ubuntu forums


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up. I got it running and have created a torrent for seeding. I have a question about the feature. I am using this with demonoid and wanted to know how I can update my ratio? There is no stop button on here. Thanks.

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