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Change windows butons back to the right in Ubuntu 10.04

One of the changes in Ubuntu 10.04 is to have the windows buttons to the left-side, MacOS like. As I didn't liked this change, I've searched the internet and came out with this simple solution: we change the configuration of the gnome settings file by using gconf-editor graphical application.

1.Press Alt+F2 to bring up the Run Application dialog box, enter “gconf-editor” in the text field, and click on Run.

2.The Configuration Editor should pop up. The key that we want to edit is in apps/metacity/general. So we double click each folder, until we reach the destination folder named general. On the right side of the windows we have listed something called "button_layout". Double click on the name and on the window that pops-up we enter the following:

and then we hit OK. The buttons should be back on the right side.

References: howtogeek.com


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