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How to setup the audio mixer in terminal (CLI) on Ubuntu 9.10

If you don't have GUI (graphical user interface) like Gnome or KDE, you can adjust audio volume by alsamixer, which offers some kind of graphical interface in terminal.

You can run alsamixer by entering the following in terminal:

sudo alsamixer

To setup the volume of those inputs/outputs, you can navigate by arrow keys left/right.
Setting the volume up/down is done by arrow keys up/down.
And you can navigate through output (playback), recording (capture) and all the mixers by pressing the tab key. You can see the status of which is conected in the left-upper corner.

If it says that you don't have this application, you need to install it. It is found in alsa-utils package.

sudo apt-get install alsa-utils

Don't forget to read alsamixer's manual. I haven't read the manual and I had a problem: everything was working fine, but there was no sound in headphones. It turned out it was the mute switch (m key).


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