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Install Verlihub Forbid plugin from source on Ubuntu 9.10

The Forbid Plugin for Verlihub help you ban some users who spams in both mainchat and private chat. It is very good to get rid off those http:// and dchub:// spams.

After you have installed Verlihub from source, you can install Forbid Plugin from source. This tutorial does not apply for the verlihub installed from repositories (in which case you should reinstall verlihub from source, because the version from repositories is no longer supported).

Download the file:

wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/verlihub/forbid-1.3.tar.gz

Untar it:

tar zxvf forbid-1.3.tar.gz

Change current directory to forbid plugin directory:

cd forbid

sudo ./configure

sudo make

sudo make install

After everything was successful, we enter the hub with our favorite DC client as administrator and we type (it will start the plugin):

!onplug forbid

It should say OK.

To list all the plugins that are started:

!pluglist alll

You should see Forbid Plugin listed there.

The command options for the Forbid Plugin:

!lstforbidLists forbidden patterns.
!addforbid <"pattern"> [-C ] [-f ] [-r <"kick_reason">]Adds a forbidden pattern. Using the -C option, you can specify the classes to ignore filtering. Set to 1 to ignore registered users and up. Using the -r option, you can specify a kick reason. Using the -f option, you can specify which chats are screened and whether or not a message is sent to OpChat when a rule is broken. Using the table below, to screen main chat and private messages, use -f 3.


1Screen public chat
2Screen private messages
4Notify OpChat when a rule is broken
7Will notify OpChat when a rule is broken and screen public and private chat

!modforbid <"pattern">Modifies forbidden pattern. See parameters for adding.
!delforbid <"pattern">Deletes forbidden pattern.

Some examples:


It will list all the rules for the Forbid Plugin.

!addforbid dchub:// -f 4 -C 2 -r "forbidden"

It will add a rule for the dchub:// and notify an chat operator. This rule applies to those user with a class smaller than 2, and the message wil be "forbidden".

!delforbid dchub:// -f 4 -C 2 -r "forbidden"

It will delete that rule above.

Resources: Velihub Docu


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