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Recover your username and password for Torrentflux in Ubuntu

How to recover your admin lost password on torrentflux:

1.Using phpMyAdmin:

-browse the torrentflux database. My table is named "torrentflux"
-browse the users table. Usually named "tf_users"
-on user_id column you can see admin username. If you want to change it, just type in your new admin user. Edit that row and at password field (varchar(34)) on first column (named function) choose MD5. On the third column (named value) write down your new password. After that, press "Go".
You should be able to login now.

2.Using terminal:

Assuming that root is your mysql username:

sudo mysql -u root -p

After the successful login:

UPDATE torrentflux.tf_users SET password=MD5('MyNewPass') WHERE user_id='root';

torrentflux is your Torrentflux database. tf_users is your Torrentflux table where all users are kept. MyNewPass should be your new password. and root is your current Torrentflux admin user.

You should be able to login now.


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