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Add users/admin to Verlihub in Ubuntu

This is also the best way to change a user's forgotten password. But first you need to add a new master user and after that to change the lost password.

1.By using terminal:

sudo vh_regnick -f -n new_username -p new_password -c 10

new_username - your new username
new_password - the password for the new user
-c 10 - the class for your new user. 10 is admin master

2.By using commands in DC client (DC++, Strong DC++):

!regnewuser your_username 10

your_username - your new username
10 - your new username's class

aftre that, change it's password:

!regpass your_username new_password

new_password - the password for the user you just registered

To delete an registered user:

!regdelete username_to_delete

Resources: Verlihub Project


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